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Vitebsk branch: General information

Unitary Enterprise 'Vitebsk Branch of the BelCCI'

General Director

The Vitebsk branch provides services for about 150 Chamber members, as well as other business entities located in Vitebsk, Vitebsk region, the free economic zone 'Vitebsk'.

The enterprise actively cooperates with regional chambers of commerce and industry in the Baltic states, Russia, the Ukraine, other neighboring countries and beyond. The branch office has signed over 60 cooperation agreements, including agreements with the Vitebsk City Executive Committee, the Economy department of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, FEZ (free economic zone) 'Vitebsk' administration, the Vitebsk Regional Union of Employers, foreign Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The Vitebsk branch specializes in the development of external economic cooperation with the northwest regions of Russia.

The branch office has succeeded in establishing ties with the CCI Association 'Central Russia', with the Pskov and Smolensk regional CCIes. The branch office annually holds interregional exhibitions ' The Republic of Belarus is Your Partner' in Smolensk and 'Slavic kaleidoscope' in Vitebsk.