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Patent and licensing services


UE 'Belpatentservice' provides the following scope of patent and licensing services:

  • The execution of applications for the record of inventions, trademarks, service marks, industrial designs in the Republic of Belarus and abroad, including the members of the Customs Union;
  • Revealing counterfeiting and other intellectual property rights violations, the prosecution of violators;
  • Patent investigations;
  • Intellectual property legal examination;
  • Intellectual property commercialization assistance;
  • Intellectual property assessment;
  • The deposition of industrial property and copyright, including computer programs, literary, scenic, scientific, and other works, know-how (manufacturing secrets).

The employees of UE 'Belpatentservice' are all high-skilled patent, law and economic experts. The package of patent services connected with the creation, protection and the introduction of intellectual property allows us to be professional, comprehensive and prompt when meeting the needs of our customers.