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Mogilev branch: General information

Unitary Enterprise 'Mogilev Branch of the BelCCI'


The enterprise is a large department subdivision of the BelCCI and it provides the services to more than 130 members of the Chamber and more than 1 000 business entities in the Mogilev region.The Decree of the BSSR Council of Ministers, dated June 15, 1963 established the Department of Commodity Expertise of the Belarusian branch of the All-Union Chamber of Commerce on the basis of the former Bureau of Commodity Expertise of the Trade Administration of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. Later, after the country had gained sovereignty, the department was reorganized into the Mogilev branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The enterprise has close ties with the regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Europe, Moldova, Baltic countries, Russian Federation and the Ukraine. Together with the Smolensk CCI it arranges an interregional exhibition 'The Republic of Belarus is Your Partner'.

The Mogilev branch of the BelCCI is a member of the Hanseatic Parliament. Together with the Erfurt CCI (Germany) it implements the program of international cooperation.

General-purpose exhibitions as well as the specialized ones such as 'House. Summer cottage. Design' and 'Magilevski kirmash' in Mogilev and 'The Bobruisk spring' and 'The Leaf Fall' in Bobruisk are held annually with the assistance of the Mogilev branch.