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Adjudication of internal disputes

As far as these disputes can be examined also by other courts, national and foreign ones, there poses a question about the choice of court in a particular case.

One chooses the court that provides the most favourable and rational conditions to settle a dispute.

A court is determined by its judges. As far as the IAC of the BelCCI is concerned parties can choose judges (adjudicators) themselves. They have an opportunity to choose the best, the most reliable arbitrators as the list of persons who are recommended for election consists of the most renowned lawyers, scientists and practitioners. This is the elite of the Belarusian juridical community. Nevertheless You can elect a familiar person whose name is not on the list to be judge. Everything is in your disposition.

As a rule the elected by parties adjudicators receive for examination only one case to which they can pay as much time and attention as necessary to deliver a reasoned and legal decision.

A case in the IAC of the BelCCI is adjudicated privately in a confidential atmosphere without excessive formalities.

The decisions of the IAC of the BelCCI are conclusive: they become valid from the moment of rendition and can be appealed in the Supreme Economic Court of the Republic of Belarus only by way of exception (essentially because of judicial procedure reasons).

The decisions of the IAC of the BelCCI are implemented in the order established by the 29 Economic Code of Practice of the Republic of Belarus for the acts of economic courts.



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