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Educational programs in Belarus

The organization and delivery of seminars and trainings for the interested enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Belarus. Professional educational programs, qualified lecturers, convenient location and the classrooms equipped by the latest office appliances.

The topics and the format of the event are determined by the target audience’s interests.

Our seminars are as follows:

  • practical course for company owners and top-managers;
  • personal efficiency of a manager;
  • the principles of holding companies’ activity;
  • risk, time and stress management in business;
  • marketing for managers;
  • finance for managers;
  • innovation management;
  • time management;
  • investment management;
  • strategic planning;
  • business management;
  • new product market promotion techniques;
  • goods, works and services competitive buyout organization.


  • sales management;
  • professional sales;
  • telemarketing.


  • the company’s exhibition trade fair activity optimization;
  • marketing for managers;
  • low budget marketing: how to create need and demand;
  • internet marketing. The promotion of websites of the Belarusian enterprises to the foreign internet markets;
  • the optimization of websites, online stores, electronic commerce;
  • quality standards for customer service.

Communications, advertising, PR

  • presentation and public speaking skills;
  • professional assistant manager;
  • the company’s advertising campaign development and management;
  • effective negotiations;
  • hospitality industry.

Human resources

  • personnel motivation techniques;
  • working time and remuneration management;
  • work measurement;
  • flexible remuneration system;
  • organizational development of personnel;
  • personnel recruitment and adaptation techniques;
  • legal regulation of labour relations;
  • labour relations documentation;
  • human resources: creation and management;
  • efficient secretary.

Foreign economic activity

  • practical course on foreign economic activity;
  • school of foreign economic activity under the BelCCI International Arbitration Court;
  • foreign economic activity agreements;
  • the customs regulation of foreign economic activity;
  • monetary regulation and exchange control;
  • seminar aimed at small and medium-sized businesses engaged in foreign economic activity;
  • international leasing agreement;
  • international arbitration.

Finance, accounting and taxation

  • financial analysis of economic activity;
  • management accounting;
  • budgeting;
  • taxation;
  • development of effective accounting and taxation policy, annual accounting;
  • transport registration and its maintenance cost accounting;
  • pricing, branch pricing, pricing in construction and repair sector;
  • business planning;
  • accounts receivable management;
  • production cost management.


  • topical issues of the contract work at the enterprise;
  • complex economic activity agreement;
  • agency agreements. International mediation;
  • agreements in foreign economic activity;
  • lease relations, latest deregulation analysis, leasing agreement;
  • legal regulation of labour relations;
  • purchase agreement, delivery contract (agreement);
  • trade marks and service marks.


  • assessment of objects of civil rights;
  • assessment of cars, equipment, inventory, materials;
  • intellectual property assessment.



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