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The voluntary deposition of the results of intellectual activity and intellectual property items:

  • computer programmes;
  • literary and science works, etc.;
  • know-how (manufacturing secrets).

The system of voluntary registration and documentation of the intellectual property rights: computer programmes, literary, scenic and science works, know-how (manufacturing secrets).

Deposition is an additional source to prove the intellectual property rights when the state registration is not applicable. This fact makes it the effective element of the system of copyright protection.

The deposition is performed on demand of the right holder and results in the issue of the certificate.

The materials used for the identification of the intellectual property items are stored at UE 'Belpatentservice' during the period of time the parties agreed on. The information on the deposition objects (in the form of a bibliographic database) is published on UE 'Belpatentservice' website.

The above mentioned services, as well as other patent and license services, are offered by the UE 'Belpatentservice'. To fill in the application form, please, visit the enterprise or its website.

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