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Call for proposals of the EU4Business: Connecting Companies

Date: 30 April 2021

Applicants: not-for-profit BSOs

Final beneficiaries: BSOs and SMEs

Deadline for application: 30 April 2021 (17:00, Brussels time)

The EU4BCC project aims to support sustainable economic development and job creation in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries by helping SMEs to grow – especially by promoting trade, encouraging inward investment and fostering business links with companies in the EU.

The action implemented within EU4BCC is organised on a sectoral basis. This will allow for a more strategic approach and for the creation of alliances between EU and EaP businesses on a more specific basis.

The selected sectors are the following:

  • Bio/organic Food
  • Wine
  • Tourism
  • Textiles
  • Creative Industries

The EU4BCC project within the above-mentioned sectors will be implemented through three types of actions:

  • Twinnings, defined as Capacity Building / Peer to Peer Coaching for BSOs
  • B2B matchings among SMEs
  • Study visits among SMEs and BSOs.

The applicant BSOs will be partnerships of EU and EaP BSOs who, once retained for granting, will implement the study visits, twinnings or B2B matchings.

These actions are directed towards SMEs and BSOs in the EaP countries and in the EU (final beneficiaries of the action).

The aim of the call for proposals is to identify, for each economic sector upon which the EU4BCC project is focused, partnerships of EU and EaP Business Support Organisations (BSOs) having a keen and common interest in elaborating, managing and implementing actions under the supervision of the relevant Sectorial Consortium.

The call intends to fund 59 grants of all three types, divided as follows:

  • Bio/organic Food sector: 12 actions
  • Wine sector: 11 actions
  • Tourism sector: 12 actions
  • Textiles sector: 12 actions
  • Creative Industries: 12 actions

A series of events will follow to present the call and to allow for networking among various stakeholders who could apply for a grant.

The contact person at the BelCCI is Roman Mokretsov (tel.: +375 17 334 70 91, e-mail: