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Belpatentservice: General information

Unitary Enterprise 'Belpatentservice'

 Vyacheslav Trofimov

The enterprise offers certain types of services on a client’s request, as well as complex 'turnkey' services. Many Belarusian and foreign companies are among the clients of the UE 'Belpatentservice'.The Unitary Enterprise 'Belpatentservice' is a specialized organization within the BelCCI which covers a large spectrum of services in the area of intellectual property management for business entities in Belarus and abroad.

The employees of the UE 'Belpatentservice' are highly-qualified specialists in the area of patent practice, law and economy. They have profound experience of working in the National Center of Intellectual Property and as patent attorneys. The range of the services provided, involving the creation, protection and introduction of the objects of intellectual property into civil use, allows to solve our clients’ issues comprehensively, professionally and efficiently.

The main course of work is patent and licensed services, including:

preparation of the applications for the record of inventions, trademarks, service marks, industrial prototypes in the Republic of Belarus and abroad, including countries of the Customs Union;

detection of piracy cases and other violations of the intellectual property rights as well as prosecution of the violators;

patent research conducting;

legal expertise of the objects of intellectual property;

support of the commercialization of the objects of intellectual property;

the evaluation of the objects of intellectual property;

deposit of industry property units depositing industrial property objects and copyright objects, including computer programs, literary creations, scripts, scientific works, know-how (industrial secrets) and other objects.