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Information activity and publishing represent indispensable part of the BelCCI activity. These activities are realized in accordance with the basic principles of the Law of the Republic of Belarus 'On the Chamber of Commerce and Industry' and the Statute of the Chamber.

Providing information to the members of the Chamber, its partners, colleagues and other representatives of the top businesses of our country and abroad is the main mission of the Chamber in its interaction with a wider business community.

Pursuing the aims of highlighting the BelCCI activity, arranging direct dialogue between businesses and authorities, providing the colleagues, partners, companies’ senior executives, organizations, public authorities and the Belarusian Government with the information on the main events held in the BelCCI system, on further plans and perspectives, the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry publishes a news bulletin 'Mercury'.

Taking into account the fact that the BelCCI member base numbers about 2000 entrepreneurs, whose activity is closely related to the economy of the Republic of Belarus, and in particular, with its export component, the BelCCI has launched a new publication aiming at the export-oriented business sphere – the catalogue 'Belarusian Exporters'. The catalogue serves as a special guide in the Belarusian business world, containing the information on the representatives of different realms of economy from various regions of our country.

The information edition 'Belarus. Business partner' aims at serving as a business guide, presenting economic and investment potential of Belarus, opportunities for establishing and doing business, as well as providing references to the domestic companies and enterprises to address for useful information and necessary services in business and other areas.



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